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Mike and Paula

About MGS Performance

MGS Performance started in 1999 in the garage at the home of Mike and Paula Stafford.  When Mike and Paula met, Mike did not own a motorcycle, and Paula came from a Harley-riding family.  So when the family went riding, Mike followed in his car.  He needed to get a Harley, but Mike’s eye for design and desire to be different did not lead him to just buying a regular old stock Harley.  He thought of customizing this and that, but what ultimately caught his attention was the idea of getting a frame and doing his own thing from there….. so in 1997, that’s what he did.  One thing led to another.  Mike and Paula got married and were very blessed with a baby girl.  So when Paula was about 7 months pregnant, they decided to sell Paula’s Harley and Mike’s custom hard tail and build another bike to sell, and some tools and machinery as well.  And so the story goes.  And this story is still going and MGS Performance is thriving and their baby girl leaves for college very soon, and it is 2016.